Deanna and Irena

Deanna and Irena

Who we are

We are two sisters who share a strong passion for creating awareness around the benefits of enjoying a balanced nutrient fuelled diet, including cold pressed juices, smoothies, raw, vegan and gluten free foods.

So after years of working together on creating our vision, setting our goals and dedicating all our time and energy into researching all aspects of health and wellness, Jujuberry+Co was born.

Our core values

Our top priority is the wellness of our customers, team and community.

We run an environmentally aware business committed to supporting local farms, producers and suppliers. We minimise our carbon footprint by recycling, reusing and composting most of our kitchen waste.

Giving back

This is so important to us and where possible we will donate juice and food to support events that give back to local charities that resonate with us. We also donate a portion of our sales and give our time to non-profit organisations close to our hearts.